Friday, October 10, 2014

With so much to accomplish in a relatively short time, everyone was up bright, (some not so bright) and early. Packing could be considered an art for both students and teachers, as there was much to cram and squeeze into suitcases! Needless to say, it all had to go - so somehow it all fit. Breakfast was very much appreciated again by all as bread, with vast amounts of Nutella thickly applied were devoured. With bowls of yummy hot chocolate all in, it was time for another round of bag checks and bed stripping.

With time flying by, we all made for the classroom where everyone was given some cool 2013 calendars for cutting out of amazing photos of planets, galaxies and moon eclipses. It was wonderful to bless Claudie and George with gifts to show our great appreciation for everything they did for us during the week. A round of group photos and then it was time to wait for the bus. And wait we did... but finally it arrived and with some skilled speed, all luggage was loaded and we headed down the mountain for our last chance to shop at the supermarket in town.

Claudie holding the Staff shirt from MSS.

Amber presenting George with our little gift of appreciation.

Claudie with her Mauritian Goodies.

Mrs. Banor showing George the Year Book.
Claudie having a giggle while going though the 2012 Morning Star YB.

Last 4-Square guys!

Where is that bus?

Lunch at the airport was a rather rushed affair but somehow everyone had their fill. Then everyone, teachers included, squeezed chocolates, sweets and gifts into already full bags.

In the airport it was tagging time, booking of luggage and then our final good-byes to Claudie before going through passport control. It was amazing how just about everyone set off a siren or alarm with who knows what! Finally we were all successfully through and it was time to relax and wait for our plane.

Julie all done with her luggage with ticket in hand.

Waiting to book in their luggage.

Good-Bye Claudie - thank you SO much!
Once boarded, everyone was clearly ready to go home and be reunited with family. However, parents and friends were given quite the wait as it was a rather tedious affair getting 19 people through all the procedures when all we wanted was to get to the other side! Finally we were all through, with great excitement and a few tears of joy shed, everyone was once again reunited.

Getting organised.

Hans getting ready to fly back.

Wayne, our new frequent flyer.

Look here Geneta and Cloe!

Very last (I promise) group photo...

Waiting patiently to get through to their parents.

Nathan happy to be with Mom!

Philippine and Mom

Wayne safe and sound with Mom!

Mrs. Ades and Raphaelle

Sarah thrilled to be with her family!
Good-bye Reunion Island! It was an awesome experience and appreciated by all. Thank you Mr. Kaiyo, Mrs. Banor and Mrs. Vismer and all the students who made the 2014 Astronomy Adventure all it could be! Until next time...

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This morning started bright and early with everyone rising with an essence of excitment. What would they see and what would the be able to purchase from Decathalon? As the bus arrived quite late it was decided to have breakfast before leaving instead a picnic down by the coast. At last the bus was here, breakfast was devoured (rather quickly), and everyone got on board. It was a rather tight fit this time as the bus just took everyone.
Waiting for the bus and talking to Kateline, Claudie's daughter.


Tight fit

Unfortuntely not long into the trip a few began to experience the beginnings of travel sickness. With all the winding of S-bends and U-bends, it was not surprising that a few put to good use the little bags we had collected off the plane. Thankfully there were a few stops along the way which allowed everyone a repreave from the ill-feelings. At last we summited and got to see the magnificent views of the "moon"surface and not much further, the actual volcano. How beautiful it all was and we were truly blessed with clear skies and no fog! Instantly the students were hovering over the ground, eager to collect all manner of colourful rocks and stones, proof of their visit to the volcano. Claudie was full of knowledge of the volcano and its history and explained everything in great detail. Photos were taken, more stones were collected and then we were on our way back down. Lunch was taken in a picturesque park full of pine trees and wooden tables. It was truly amazing how huyngry everyone was after kilometres of not feeling so well!

Our way down across the "moon's"surface.

Almost at the volcano guys.

Running to see the view.

A perfectly clear day to see the crater and hear all the info from Claudie.

A mini crater - can you spot the people?

Mr. Kaiyo explaining some things.

Group shot with volcano behind.

Our best Super!

Nathan and Wayne fascinated by the tiny sparkling stones.

Geneta also wanting to find some sparkles.

Finn trying to see closer.

Smile guys!

Da Boys!

Happy travellers.

Claudie and Mr. Kaiyo

Lunch time at last!
To the great delight of everyone, it was time to head for the famous Decathlon. Here pocket money was distributed and a first ever one hour time frame given, and the Grade 6's decended into the huge warehouse. Running, walking and wondering for a full hour and, thankfully another half hour, and everyone had bought their gifts and paraphanalia. Once gathered back at the bus, there were many smiles and oooh's and aaaah's as everyone showed what they had found! After a quick snack it was time to return to Le Markes.

Snack time after some serious shopping.

A great feeling of accomplishment.

Refreshments in the bus.

Yay - Decathlon!
Showers and some quick packing, and then it was time for the famous and reknowned Boucani! Mr. Kaiyo was thrilled and could not resist a 3rd helping! It was a hit for everyone. Claudie and her husband were able to join us and then later their daughter Katheline came to say good-bye. Bed time was set and everyone returned to their rooms to complete some more packing and have some fun... Tomorrow is home time! - Mrs. Vismer
Claudie showing us the history of the volcano and when it snowed in 2004.

Mr. Kaiyo is hi-jacking all the food!!

Katheline and her book.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well, the weather was fine this morning, and the kids were buzzing knowing that the much awaited shopping day had come! We took off just before 9am to go to the volcano. This is always a dreaded journey for me as some kids often get sick on the bus. Well, it was not long before the first one had his breakfast in his cap!@!? Just as well we had collected all the bags on the flight here, so we quickly distributed to everyone. A few other children joined the sick party, so we obviously  stopped a couple of times before eventually reaching the volcano.
All the kids were wowed by the sight of this vast volcanic region. One place particularly resembled the surface of the moon. We reached the top, enjoyed the sight of Piton de la fournaise for a short while before we had to head back down again. We could not have our picnic at the top as many kids would definitely get sick on the windy road down from the volcano.
After lunch we headed for Decathlon, which was a WOW experience for most children, and I was impressed by most of their purchases. On our way back to the centre, i guess all the shopping helped the children to forget to be sick!@!
So tomorrow we head back home, Julie and Amber begging to stay!@$? Most kids are actually sad that it's all nearly over, as it has been a wonderful week.

Just a reminder, please be at the airport to fetch your children at 1600hrs.

Photos of the magnificent time at the volcano will soon be posted.

Mr. Kaiyo

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello All.

Up to now, it's been smooth sailing and enjoyable. The kids are learning to work together as a team, and to respect one another (never an easy task for 11 and 12 year olds!!). During classes, they are very involved, and asking tonnes of questions, poor Claudie!! The free time has been great, especially the football which has been quite a highlight of our trip up to now. Even Maia is now playing like Ronaldo!
we all look forward to the trip to the volcano tomorrow, and we are hoping for good weather. The moment the kids love, and I dread the most is the shopping that follows the trip to the volcano. As most of the children are inexperienced shoppers, it's always going to be an interesting experience for us as staff. So pray for us!!!
Mrs. Vismer has been great in keeping you up to date with the happenings here. This has been the most detailed and well reported blog since the trip started. A BIG thank you to her!!
So I look forward to the remainder of the trip. Enjoy the football photos below....
Our new acquisition, Finn, proving to be worth it!

Maia having fun on the field

That little man is GOOD!!

Iza-Grace in full control

May-Ann counter attacking with Mr. Kaiyo in support

Amber nearly scoring a goal

More Action, with Nathan in full defence

Amber and Iza Grace giving the boys a hard time!!

Funny moments on the pitch

Alexandre claiming a free kick!@$!%?

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